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From Left: Susie McCloskey, Stephanie Garbarini and Jane MillardFrom left: Charlie Law and Bronxville School Alums Susan Kelty Law, Melissa Gagen and Roger GoodellCheck-in tableEvent Co-Chair Louise Parzick celebrates reaching the goal!Event Co-Chairs Louise Parzick (left) and Priscilla NewmanMSNBC anchor and Bronxville resident Alex Witt welcomes the crowdBronxville High School Class of 2011 alums Lydia Ciaputa (left) and Hannah Geiling perform songs from WickedAuctioneer Melissa Gagen works the crowdFrom left: Melissa Gagen, Susan Kelty Law, Jenn Frost and Julie MeadeSHA!CappellaSHA!CappellaFrom left: Maggie Sheehan, Kristin and John Reynolds, John SheehanFrom left: Bronxville Alums Susan Kelty Law, Beth Aherne and Steve Thomas with Noble and Alum Mariellen CarpenterFrom left: Guest, Liz Lee, Peter Pennoyer and Katie RidderFrom Left: Roland Bopp, Dina Grant, Jim Grant, Maggie Monahan BoppBronxville School faculty, from left: Giselle Licursi, Sally Hogin and Virginia GentileEllen and Pierre de St. PhalleAndrea Bates (left) and Tammy Cushman contemplate the bidsFrom left: Event Co-Chair Priscilla Newman, PTA President Nina Evison and Event Co-Chair Louise ParzickCrowd anticipating!